Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finding a little bit of happy

For months, I've been wanting to start a blog. I just couldn't figure out what I would say. What would I contribute to the blogosphere that would be remotely interesting?

And then, life threw me a curveball, and I was looking at the potential of being "between jobs." Unemployment would have been my nightmare come alive. I worried: What I was going to do for the other waking hours of each day? What was I going to do to prevent my ass from permanently attaching to the sofa? What would I do to remind myself that, even when unemployed, there are still plenty of reasons to smile?

And, that's when it hit me: I would bake (because I love to) and I would blog (because I finally had an excuse to).

Baking was the easy solution. It’s one of my favorite things to do, even though I’m far from an expert. Baking’s even in my blood – a skill passed down on my mom’s side for at least 4 generations. Baking is cheap; groceries for a recipe or two a week wouldn't have broken our potentially stretched bank account. And it would keep me up and moving, whether in the kitchen making (and cleaning up) messes, or at the gym burning off all those extra calories.

The blogging wasn’t something I saw coming. I just thought it would be a fun way to record my journey and share the ups, the downs, and the recipes with friends, family and strangers the world over. It would be something to do each day.

Fortunately, luck was on my side, and I landed a tony new job (one I am thrilled about) just in the nick of time. But I had already hooked myself on this baking/blogging idea; I found something that excited me and couldn't let it go. Who says that, even with a job, I can't contribute a little sweetness to the world??

Spoonfuls of Sugar will be a place I can catalog all those good things in life - one spoonful at a time.

I can't promise it'll all be brownies and pies, but I hope you'll find it satisfying!


  1. I feel a wee bit guilty endorsing a blog totally devoted to baking, but hey, everything in moderation, right?

    Life is sweet! So are you and Jay! And so are those famous 7 layer bars!!