Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So now that I actually launched this blog, I'm a little afraid that I didn't think the whole "I've gotta actually post regularly" thing all the way through. You mean I actually have to post to it regularly? That means I have to actually do interesting things so I have SOMETHING to say.

Speaking of things that are half-baked, I attempted my first baking adventure as a blogger earlier this week. I found a recipe for Levain Bakery copycat cookies (NY bakery famous for their amazing huge cookies) on MyBakingAddiction. These were huge cookies, but they totally delivered on taste!

Yummy Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

For size reference... they ain't kiddin' when they say this is a big cookie.

I've never made cookies this big before (4 oz. dough balls!), so I trusted the baking time given on the recipe. I like my cookies a little underbaked, but these were completely raw in the middle. Even after we froze them and nuked 'em quickly the next day. So, next time, I'll make sure to let them cook just a minute or two longer. Still, like a said, these were AMAZING cookies. Even Jay (THE cookie connaisseur) loved them. These will definitely make a repeat appearance in our household.

The recipe I used said the walnuts were optional, and I'm sure the cookies would be delish without them, but I thought they added a nice dimension. But for those who don't like anything getting in the way of their chocolate (ahem, my husband), feel free to go nut free.

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  1. OK, how can you control yourself from eating all of these??? They look delicious. Thankfully, you can bring all of your baked goods into your new job (congratulations!!!) to make new friends!

    I can't wait to keep reading your blog. It makes me hungry!